Tooth Fairies and Childhood

The tooth fell out. Time for the Tooth fairy

I thought I should update the story.

Regular readers will remember that MiniM was going for a sleepover at her friend’s house.

I talked yesterday about what she had packed to take with her.

To read that post go here

As you have probably worked out from the photo and title of this posting, her tooth came out whilst she was away from home.

Normally, something like this could be a logistical nightmare for the hosting Parents.

How to maintain the magic? How to ensure the tooth fairy visits? What is the protocol of the visiting child?

MiniM has a protocol for the tooth fairy.

The extracted tooth is cleaned and wrapped in tissue before being placed in the tooth fairy bag.

Some Fairy dust is sprinkled on the pillow to guide the Fairies to the tooth and to identify the correct pillow to the Fairies in the dark.

The Fairies then come in the middle of the night and make a fair exchange – tooth for money. The going rate of exchange in the ‘M’ household is one tooth=one shiny pound

Fairy Dust for Tooth Fairies

Fairy Dust for Tooth Fairies


Thankfully the hosting parents were sympathetic to MiniM’s routine and were able to ‘facilitate the transfer’.

And because of kind parents and good friends, MiniM’s belief in tooth fairy continues.

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