Birthday girls

Today is a big day in our household. It’s Birthday day. MrsM and MiniM share the same birthday, which for me as a mere man, is a Godsend.

When you have one excited little girl in the house that starts to plan her special day months in advance with the help of magazines and the Argos catalogue, you never have a chance to miss the day.

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In the beginning

MiniM scan at 12 weeksAn alternative title to this would be “How MiniM was made”‘ but let’s not go there!

This post came about, because someone I know told me that his partner was pregnant after a few months of trying. So I thought I would tell the story of MrsM and I.

When MrsM and I got together, we didn’t talk about children. I had had a vasectomy in a previous relationship, had children and thought that MrsM knew and understood that there wouldn’t be any children in our marriage. After a few years MrsM turned her mind to nest-building, and eventually after a lot of arguments and me being selfish and stubborn, we decided that the time was right to start a family. Continue reading

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MiniM beats her fears

Child rides Bicycle

MiniM Beats Her Fears

We spent most of last week and the weekend, watching the RAIN. We alternated between thinking about building a big boat and heading to the zoo to collect our animals, and grumbling about the wettest drought in history.

Eventually, on Sunday afternoon, it stopped raining.

I decided that it was time for MiniM to conquer her fears and ……….. ride her bike!! Continue reading

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Smacking Children

Smacking ChildrenHow do you feel about smacking children? I’m not talking about thrashing them, or belting them or any of the really horrible child abuse cases we read about in the newspapers. I’m talking about the smacks people give to their children “to discipline” them, or to “teach” them.

Before we go any further, I must state that neither MrsM or I have smacked MiniM. We don’t agree with it, and before she was born we discussed discipline and smacking. We made the very firm decision that we wouldn’t smack.

But how would we discipline our child?

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Aupairs and Afghanistan

MiniM and AupairsSo here’s the deal. MrsM was asked if she would like to go and work in Afghanistan for a year. It would be the opportunity of a lifetime, and would give us a bit of financial security through various allowances and stuff.

We discussed it, and after much soul-searching, she said yes.

We talked about how I would be able to look after MiniM on my own, and the only remedy……….an Aupair. Continue reading

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The long weekend

20120420-095811.jpg My weekend off. I don’t get them often, they are very sacred to me and I like to do as much as I can with the family.

This weekend, I am off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And already, I have quite a full diary.

Today (Friday), I am doing those tasks that need to get done. You know, the messages that can only be got on a day off, some household chores, laundry, and then collect MiniM from school. Continue reading

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Working! Bah!

I hate working days. I work shifts and when I work days, I don’t get to see MiniM. Take today for example.

When I am working 4pm till midnight, i am able to take MiniM to school in the morning which is always nice (apart from when she idolises the teacher). But I’m at work when she comes home from school, so I miss out on dinner (nearly always eaten round the table), bath time, and bedtime.

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The Day MiniM and I fell out

The Cause of our fight

It was a sad day. It was meant to be a good day, but it was a bad day.

Let me explain.

We have been looking for a new bike for MiniM. She has grown out of her old bike and as our Summer holiday this year is going to involve lots of cycling, we have been wanting to upgrade her bike.

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Keeping up with the Youngsters

The weights that tried to kill me this morning

MrsM and I, being ahem…… older parents, decided the time had come when we needed to lose a bit of weight and get some exercise.

MrsM had done an exercise routine at work that she said was ‘really good, it’s only 20 mins long’. ‘We can do it together and all you need is a light dumbbell’

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Whistle training MiniM


The Dog Whistle I use

I first decided I was going to whistle-train MiniM when she was about 2. MrsM had entrusted me with her daughter, and we were going shopping.

We arrived at a big store, Johnny Junks or something. They sold everything I remember that much. And off we went round the store, DaddyM and MiniM toddling along behind.

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