MiniM beats her fears

Child rides Bicycle

MiniM Beats Her Fears

We spent most of last week and the weekend, watching the RAIN. We alternated between thinking about building a big boat and heading to the zoo to collect our animals, and grumbling about the wettest drought in history.

Eventually, on Sunday afternoon, it stopped raining.

I decided that it was time for MiniM to conquer her fears and ……….. ride her bike!!

You may remember that MiniM and I had fallen out when she had refused to even get on her new bike. If you have forgotten the story, it’s here. If you do go to read it, don’t forget to come back for the update.

After MiniM and I had fallen out, I had put the bike away and when I got it out, it had a puncture. Bah!

MiniM had a lesson in how to replace an inner tube, and then we were ready. We had a talk about why she was scared of her bike, and I dealt with it by making a joke out of it all. I find that if MiniM is kept busy, she doesn’t have time to worry about stuff.

As you can see, she managed to ride it.

And we’ve put the bike away again, because it’s raining again.

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