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I will happily write a review of your product. I do not accept payment for reviews, but I do require an actual product to review. (Dear Mr LandRover, I will gladly write a review of a Discovery or Range Rover) I will not write a review based on a press release.

On Giveaways and Promotions

If you are not interested in a product review, but would like me to promote your product, event, or self in another way, then I’m your man. Well, MiniM and I are the people for you. We will run giveaways or promotions for a negotiated fee, depending on the type of promotion you want to do. I do the haggling and negotiation otherwise MiniM would allow us to do the promotion for a bag of Haribo. Contact me and we can maybe do a deal. Especially Haribo. MiniM and I like Haribo sweets.

On Ads

I might be interested in selling ad space. I don’t know what that means though, so don’t be upset if when you pay me lots of money MiniM and I take loads of photos of her with your product and stick them on sandwich boards. I’m sure between us MiniM and I can work out how to put your ad on here.

If you want to discuss making MiniM and I rich, please use this form and send us your requirements.

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