Eras starting and ending

It’s been a funny old day. That’s what Arkwright used to say in Open All Hours.

But this post has nothing to do with corner shops in East Lancashire. This post is about the end of an era and the start of another one.

MrsM is off on her travels again. She is going to Afghanistan again. Her deployment is for 12 months. Thankfully, she goes out there for 6 weeks and then comes home for 2 weeks.


So, MiniM and I will be left in the UK. We have found a lovely Au Pair, called Laura. It is her first full day with us, and already she seems to be settling in well.

See here for the original story of Afghanistan and Au Pairs

As I type this, her and MiniM are running round the house playing some madcap game that MiniM has thought up. She’s very good at things like that. As we had a cuddle this morning, I yawned, MiniM opened her mouth wide as well, and said “First one to close their mouth loses”. We also have races to see who can put their seatbelt on first. (The secret is not to rush, otherwise the inertia reels will stop your seatbelt.)

But I digress, which is something we have been doing today. It’s been easier not to think about MrsM going than to face the harsh reality. So we have both kept ourselves very busy, so we haven’t had to think about it.

MrsM has been finalising her packing, I’ve been shopping and planning menus and recipes and things. MiniM has written a beautiful card to MrsM which I will put in her bag and text her when she has left so she can read it in the car on her own.

We have thought that MiniM will be ok. With Mummy going away, it’s her norm. But having read the card, I can tell you that even if something is part of your ‘normal’, it can still cause pain. MiniM is going to miss MrsM. I know this, because I have read the card, read it with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat.

But, Laura and I will give her a little extra attention over the next few days, and keep her busy so she doesn’t feel the pain too much. Thankfully, even though it is half-term holidays, MiniM has some things coming up to look forward to, meeting some of herSmacking Children friends and whatever else 7 year old girls do.

End of an era? – MrsM being deployed to Afghanistan and leaving our family unit for a few weeks at a time.

Start of an era? – Welcome Laura.

Me? Oh, I’ll be ok. I’m a big roughty tufty. No, it’s a bit of dust in my eye. That’s all.

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