Birthday girls

Today is a big day in our household. It’s Birthday day. MrsM and MiniM share the same birthday, which for me as a mere man, is a Godsend.

When you have one excited little girl in the house that starts to plan her special day months in advance with the help of magazines and the Argos catalogue, you never have a chance to miss the day.

So, what was planned for today? We talked about parties, and treats, but MrsM said she would be happy with a family day. Unfortunately MiniM wanted a sleepover!

Oh, dear God!

So tonight he will have 6, yes 6, little girls crammed into MiniM’s bedroom. Not that we need to worry too much about them sleeping. I don’t think sleeping forms any part of her plans.

The girls arrive this afternoon, we have games and stuff planned to keep them busy (and hyperactive). Then, we are taking them all to someone else’s birthday party. They’re having a party at the local swimming pool. A party within a party.

Then back to ours for BBQ and loads of sugar and squealing. Oh I can’t wait. I’m writing this blog whilst I’m hiding in the bathroom pretending to be on the toilet. I think I will be using that excuse a lot today.

MiniM did well with the presents today, but that’s not what it’s about for me.

Despite my gruffness and apparent reluctance to get involved, I am determined that both girls will have a great day. That’s what birthdays are for.

We celebrate getting older, getting wiser, and look back over the previous years memories. If you can smile while you do that, you’ve had a good year. If you don’t, you have the next year to look forward to.

Wish me luck!

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